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A rebirth of sorts…


Nasty Critical games stared life in the late 90s as a gaming division of the entertainment company known as FearLess Inc. NCG cut its teeth early ,working on the PC game Space Unknown, the RPG hamster wars and the dice game Wildestyle.  The last decade has seen NCG go through many iterations but always holding on to the reason it was created – To make fun games and gaming supplements. When fearless folded up shop much of the work we had done was shelved and has never seen the light of day. That is about to change as we have separated our brand from the defunked FearLess Inc. and will begin moving forward with many new projects but also bring to life many of our long dead ones. Great things are coming your way this year here are a few of them …

  • Nasty Critcal Tables – Critical tables for any RPG system
  • RPG Master – GM card game
  • WildeStyle – fast paced d6 dice combat
  • Hamster Wars RPG – an RPG in the world of hamster wars.
  • Space Unknown – collect ships, build empires  and wage war on a galactic scale